Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Technically, I am on a month’s renewal leave before I jump into the house church network, but in my excitement, I have been doing just a bit of work on it.  The last… Continue reading

Last Sermon at SMUMC

I thought it might be helpful to post this last message.  I try to sum up a bit of our process and what is next for SMUMC. Enjoy. http://theopeningact.sermon.net/da/2699098/play

Water Dreams

Over the last 3 months I have been having baptism dreams.  In my dreams I am either baptizing someone (someone I don’t know in life) or in some of the dreams, there is… Continue reading

Laity Get It

I am in my last couple weeks at my current appointment.  Yesterday I had a great time having lunch, dinner and drinks with those who have been an important part of this journey… Continue reading

Cry Baby

New models lead to new ways of seeing, not only church but also ourselves.  At least that is some of what I am learning. This past weekend the church I serve and the… Continue reading

The Haunting

I wish it were 1950, or even 1970.   I’d like to go back to the good old church days.  I think about this a lot when I am at my current appointment.  Located… Continue reading


I am starting to share my appointment plan for 2011-12 with various people.  So far had conversations with Rochelle Melander, Jim Conn, Kelvin Sauls, Judy Chung, Catie Coots, Mark Ulrickson and today Beth… Continue reading

My Appointment Plan 2011-12

Pastor:  Rev Nicole Reilley Requested Ministry Appointment:  The Mission Field My Calling: I am an ordained elder in the UMC.  In my 19 years in the local church I have started new things… Continue reading

Why it didn’t work (or at least, my current thoughts)

So why didn’t this church “work” like it is supposed to?  You know, the model of gather, get land, build a building, grow, build more buildings, etc? I think the answer would really depend… Continue reading

Feelings of Failure

At first, I had to deal with my feelings of being a failure. Not because other people were saying that I was—they weren’t–but because my usual way is to just stick with something… Continue reading