One of the things I am exploring as I study new models is what is already happening—especially in the United Methodist connection. This has meant I talk to lots of people in other… Continue reading

Oatmeal and Strawberry Smoothie

This past Sunday I ended up in worship with my son, Jacob. The pastor, Rev. Erika Gara was speaking on discipleship and she started off by talking about food. So of course, I… Continue reading

Missional Disciple

Several recent posts by Mike Breen (MikeBreen.wordpress.com) point to the possible issues with the missional church movement. I think he is accurate in his assessment that the missional movement–if it continues as it… Continue reading

Moving Forward–Fall is here…

Not been blogging for a while with vacation and travel but fall is here and I will be back writing each week. Two big projects in the works: 20 minute video for this… Continue reading


As I am working on putting the House Church Network DNA together one question I keep asking is, how will house churches make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?… Continue reading

How Does One Begin?

This is the start of my third week at my new appointment—starting a House Church Network for the Cal-Pac Conference.  The question I am getting most every time I meet with folks to… Continue reading

Messy Church

In the United Kingdom the church has embraced the reality that there need to be new and fresh expressions of the church.  It is interesting to see what directions these new expressions have… Continue reading

Moving Into the Neighborhood

I have a tradition.  It is a somewhat private tradition but I doubt it has gone completely unnoticed among my longtime friends.  Pretty much every time I gather with friends at dinner, I… Continue reading

How Long Does a Church Need to “Last”?

About 10-12 years ago the church I was serving had their heater die on Christmas Eve and as if that wasn’t enough,  the heater in the education building was red tagged about the… Continue reading

Missional Communities

June 24, 2011 One of the writers who gives me a lot to think about is Mike Breen. A priest in the Church of England, I first became aware of him in 2006… Continue reading