Reflections on the Transforming Ministry Process, Part 2

This week, I sat down with the Theory U information (from their website mostly), the notes I took from the Conference and my own thoughts and sought to merge these all together in… Continue reading

Transforming Practices Conference – an interlude: Theory U

One of the foundations of the Conference was understanding the times in which we find ourselves and what the demands of these times call from each of us.  Diana Butler Bass made use… Continue reading

Reflections on Transforming Ministry Conference

This past week I, along with 60 other clergy/laity, spent a week at Claremont School of Theology at the Transforming Ministry Conference. Honestly, I didn’t want to go.  For while the speakers (Diana… Continue reading

Summer 2012

One of the big changes in my life over the past year has been my appreciation for and cultivation of more of a rhythm, a flow to faith and life. This has been… Continue reading

House Church Reflection 051112

Wow.  So not sure what to expect –not because it wasn’t planned but because it is hard to know when starting something new how it will come together.  We had 11 people come… Continue reading

House Church #2

Today is the start of my neighborhood house church.  A small group of us have been meeting over the past 4 months talking about this and tonight we will move forward with our… Continue reading

Reflections on starting a house church #1

A group in my neighborhood is starting a house church together. We met this past week to set a date for our start (3/29) and plan. We are thinking we will start at… Continue reading

Local church?

This month I began an interim appointment at a local UMC.  I am ¾ time so I can still do House Church trainings.  Several people have asked me why I am doing this. … Continue reading

New models of communication

“Life is hard and people are bombarded, used, abused and skeptical. They live day to day in a stressed-out, over-committed, overextended survival mode—whether they go to church or not. They simply don’t have… Continue reading

It Begins

This week we began our first training! Our original plan was to start training those who wanted to start a house church as a group in January, but as things moved forward this… Continue reading