Iona One

I spent last week on pilgrimage in Iona Scotland. Pilgrimage? When I first heard the term used for a modern day trip, I thought it quaint, old fashioned, maybe even medieval – did… Continue reading

What is Missing When We Start New Ministries

“…Our industrial culture doesn’t work that way. We talk about “sink or swim” is not as much sinking going on as you might expect.  There here’s a fair amount of treading water, a… Continue reading

Women In Ministry Guest Post

Here is my guest post for the Women In Ministry series – 

Leadership and Doing New Things

One thing I have been reflecting on is the challenges we find helping everyday Christians start and lead new expressions of church. The challenge is on two levels. The first level relates to… Continue reading

More than Sundays for Discipleship

In my last blog post I tried to think about Sundays.  What is Sunday about?  I mean, we gather week-in-and-week-out for an hour to sing, to listen, to pray.  Why? Now obviously, we… Continue reading

What Do People Experience in Church?

An article by Taylor Burton-Edwards caught my attention this week.  He speaks about recent studies about the effect (or lack of it) congregations have on people who attend. He cites the Barna Study… Continue reading

End of 2012 review…

Last week I sat down and tried to figure out where I am (currently) spending my time and what is next for me as I move forward. I think it is good at… Continue reading

The More I Am Seeking

I haven’t been blogging for a while as I have been in a bit of a funk/wasteland/at loose ends. Why do I find myself here?  I think it has something to do with… Continue reading


One piece of our work with the House Church Network which has intrigued me is how many people find out about this and call me. These are people who have heard from someone… Continue reading

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