House Church #2

Today is the start of my neighborhood house church.  A small group of us have been meeting over the past 4 months talking about this and tonight we will move forward with our first gathering.  I think there will end up being about 12 of us.

It has been a challenge for me to put the focus I have needed to put here—the local church I am doing an interim in has pulled me in that direction and so it really wasn’t until this week that my thoughts on what we will be doing has become crystal clear.  Here is what I am thinking today will look like:

6-6:30             Dinner,

6:45-700 –             Welcome/icebreaker,

7:00 – 7:30            What this is and why we are doing it (orientation)

7:30-8:15             Teaching Time (Bible passage for the day/video/discussion),

8:15- 8:45             Sharing how we are and what we can pray for one another

(put it on a wall size post-it and people can take a photo with their phone so they have it for the week)

8:45 –             Communion & Mission Moment & Lord’s Prayer

(where you can serve in ministry this month)

9PM close             (folks can stay and have a drink and hang till 10PM)

I wanted to have something I could give folks/go over and so I put together a couple sheets with basic info (what is a house church, what is our mission) and schedule (if you’d like a copy, email me and I will send it your way).  Part of the issue with this is that it is just so different from traditional church that it is a challenge for me to fully live in this world and think this way – but I think our starting to meet with make a difference here.

My dream for this house church is that it would grow disciples who would order their lives around the things God cares about—that it would be simple, relational and something you’d look forward to attending.  I am so drawn to this type of expression of church because I find so much of my work as an ordained pastor has centered around administration, programs, fundraising and long, long hours and while I don’t regret any of that, at this point in my life I want something more.  I want to focus on making disciples and helping others make disciples. Period.

On a very personal level, I want to order my life around more time for seeking God and listening to the Spirit—I feel driven to meditation and prayer and time just to abide in God. I want to live a rhythm of life—the scripture calls it “an unforced rhythm of grace.”

 So, today it begins.  Looking forward to learning, growing and seeing what God will do—