It Begins

This week we began our first training!

Our original plan was to start training those who wanted to start a house church as a group in January, but as things moved forward this seemed a much better plan. Why?

First, house churches will be set up all over Southern California—where one is planted depends totally on the leadership, so grouping people together when they live all over So. California wasn’t practical.

Second, working with leaders more one-on-one and in small groups gives space and time for discussion, questions and thinking. The training has some big concepts that require time to process and this gives us that needed space.

Third, we cannot wait to start training leaders! This is exciting stuff and waiting till January seemed like a long time to wait. We believe that as the Spirit brings people forward for leadership we should move forward with them.

Monday we began and driving home after 2 hours of exploring Jesus’ way of discipleship, living our faith and more, I felt grateful.

Grateful to God for this opportunity to walk beside those who feel called to reach their family, their friends, their neighbors who aren’t being reached by a traditional church.

Grateful to those who have gone before me who are mentoring me, encouraging me and inviting me to explore new ways.

Grateful for what God is doing in me and others as we begin this new ministry.

There is a fresh wind blowing. It calls us all to the Way of Jesus. And, while we will only at best live it imperfectly, what an amazing journey it is to be on.