Moving Forward–Fall is here…

Not been blogging for a while with vacation and travel but fall is here and I will be back writing each week.

Two big projects in the works: 20 minute video for this week’s UMC laity gathering and a website for the House Church Network.

Working on both has been helpful in moving the development of the churches and network forward.  After much prayer, reading, thinking and discussing, I am sensing a direction as I move forward.

The video is my first attempt to share with a wider group what the House Church Network will look like.  What I wanted to share was not only a bit of the history of the house church movement but the DNA of what we are going to plant.  You can watch the video here:

As for the website, it wasn’t part of the original plan but, as I talked with people, it seemed that having it would be helpful.  Of course, cost was an issue but I found several low-cost possibilities at:,, and

The plan is to have the site up by month’s end.

For the next 3-4 posts I will focus on the core DNA of the house churches.