Laity Get It

Leadership at Daily's

I am in my last couple weeks at my current appointment.  Yesterday I had a great time having lunch, dinner and drinks with those who have been an important part of this journey for me and I was struck by one common thread: they all got it.

What they got was that there had to be a new model to be church.  And that having a new model was a sign of real progress and possibilities.  In other words, the laity totally get the need for additional models for church and I am thinking they get it better than us career clergy.

That makes sense.  I tend to look at the church in terms of one model and what success is looks one way.  They have a bigger vision and it isn’t tied to their ego, livelihood or status.

I really saw it as we gathered in our leadership meeting last night.  There was great energy, new ideas and real ownership.  We ended our meeting with communion and as I looked around the table at them, I felt that we were church.  Messy, yes, imperfect, certainly, but community that got it and would move forward to become so much more than we could have before.  And that felt amazing.