Daily Rhythms

One thing which fascinates me is the practical daily rituals of people – I wonder, what time do people get up? What do they do with their mornings before work? How do they… Continue reading

Not goals for the New Year, but something better.

I like goals.  I find I get stuff done when I set goals.  But when I am honest, I would admit that many goals I set I do not accomplish. I think this… Continue reading

Start with Why.

Recently I ran across this short TED talk on the Power of Why. The speaker (and author of the book, “Start with Why”), Simon Sinek spoke of the power and importance of starting with… Continue reading

Dr John Perkins and the Multi-Ethnic Church

Remember your call.

Missional Wisdom and Me

This weekend I finish up a two year program with the Missional Wisdom Foundation. I have been part of the pilot group (the Texas Cohort) of the Academy for Missional Wisdom.  The Academy… Continue reading

Iona Six

Midweek comes one of the week’s highlights, a pilgrimage around Iona. Iona is a mile wide and four miles long and there is surprisingly much to see. The Abbey offers two walking pilgrimage… Continue reading

Iona Five

“We must find our touchstones were we can” -John Berryman   I traveled to ancient Iona to find a touchstone for the second half of my ministry.  After 20 years in the local… Continue reading

Iona Four

I said I was coming to Iona to find my resurrection which for me is that which points toward new life and deep hope. Resurrection is the authentic expression of a faith in… Continue reading

Iona Three –

Travel brings a certain type of wisdom if one is open to it.  And, I wanted to be open.  I felt a call to go to Iona and to learn not only from… Continue reading

Iona Two

What drove my desire to travel to Iona Scotland on pilgrimage for a week? I was seeking the place of my resurrection. This is the season of resurrection, a season of surprises and… Continue reading